Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Story

Before I went to Culinary School, I ate pretty much whatever I wanted. I was always on a sugar high and suffered from terrible allergies that were, at times, rather debilitating. Then I went to Culinary School. As a broke, starving college student, my nutrition went down even further. I learned traditional French cooking, including all the heavy cream, butter, and eggs that go with it. I ate every bite at school that I could because I was unable to find a job and had very little money to spend on groceries. At home, I ate Ramen noodles and sometimes potatoes and eggs. I made a lot of peasant bread and would eat that with canned tomato soup, just to fill my belly so I didn’t go to bed hungry. I was so extremely unhealthy. I was also grouchy, irritable, and not the happiest person to be around.

Since Culinary School, I have made some serious changes. I no longer eat refined sugar or simple carbohydrates. I no longer eat white breads or pastas, butter, heavy cream, etc. I eat egg whites and discard the yolks. I eat 100-125 grams of protein each day and drink at least sixty-four fluid ounces of water each day. I consume far more fruits and vegetables than I ever used to and I am amazed at the difference! I have bounds of energy and no longer feel grumpy or irritated. All the amazing pastries I learned to make no longer tempt me. I simply do not crave the sugar. The other big change I have made is that I have started using a line of nutritional food and supplements from a company called Herbalife. My first week on the products I lost six pounds and a pants size. I'm now down fifteen pounds and feel incredible! Life is fantastic and getting better each day!

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