Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Shiny Coating on Candy

I have never been a huge candy eater. It was always cookies and cakes that sucked me in and put me in a sugar coma. But I did always have my candy favorites. My most favorite has always been candy corn. I have always loved the Autumn Mix with the pumpkins in it. Since I have cut sugar out of my diet, I no longer eat candy, so when I saw this video, I got a little queasy...

Most people think candy corn is just sugar, but there is way more to it than that.  The 'glaze' this video talks about is called Confectioner's Glaze, (in the food world), but it is also called Pharmaceutical Glaze.  It is usually made with Confectioner's Sugar, (powdered sugar), and 'food grade' shellac.  Nasty!  Shellac is also found in wood finish, primer, high-gloss varnish, etc., and is used in many foods to give it that shiny coating on the outside.  Some of these foods are candy and some are 'diet' foods.  Kinda shameful that shellac is an approved food coating.

The point to all of this is to remind everyone to read food labels!!  You don't know what's in your food unless you look and if you're trying to lose weight or get healthy, the 'diet' food you eat might be keeping you unhealthy or overweight.  If you'd like to learn more about getting healthy or how to lose/gain/maintain weight, email me at cheffiejo@gmail.com and I would be happy to teach you how I went from a size 8 to a size 4 and feel better now than I ever have!

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