Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dear, Man: I Quit!

I know many, many people that are looking for jobs right now.  I remember those days from not too long ago.  When I went to Culinary school, I applied for over 300 jobs before I finally found one.  It was extremely stressful.  Once I did find a job, I worked full time and went to school.  Talk about busy!  The really tough part was that I have a great resume!  I was told that by professional HR people while I was in school.  I have worked since I was 13 and I have worked hard.  Before Culinary school, I already had nearly 10 years of professional Culinary experience.

If my resume wasn't the problem, what was?  Blame it on whatever you want:  the economy, the bank industry, people's choices, etc.  I personally think the media had a lot to do with what the United States is going through right now.  If the media had never told us we were in a recession, would be really be in a recession?  I honestly can't say for sure, but my guess is that finances would hurt less if we had never heard about the current 'recession'.

So, here is what I propose:  Stick it to the man!  Who wants to be tied to a job they hate that pays crappy, anyway?  Certainly not me!  The solution:  Work for yourself.  Work with an international company that pays you what you're worth.  Work with an international company that lets you set your own hours.  Work with an international company that has had double digit growth over the last five years, (and doubled their sales volume in the last five years).  Work with an international company that is changing lives all over the world. 

Interested in hearing more?  Go here and click on Business Opportunity.  Then send me a message @ to get started.

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