Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lack Thinking

Prosperity SeriesEnergy has really been on my mind as of late.  I know I have already blogged about it.  On a daily basis I am reminded that attitude is everything.  People are nice to you when you're nice to them.  It just makes sense.  you also find the things you're looking for in life when you're attitude is right.  I often listen to the Prosperity Series by Randy Gage.  He talks a lot about what he calls 'lack thinking'.  Lack thinking is that 'broke' mentality.  You are what you say you are.  If you say you go from paycheck to paycheck, guess what?  You'll go from paycheck to paycheck.  Amazing, isn't it?  So, why not lose the lack thinking.  Still confused on how to do that?  Write yourself a mission statement.  Here is part of mine:

I Am:
Focused & Consistent

Like I said, this is only part of mine.  I am very clear that I have all of this inside me, bursting out!  I am positive and moving forward.  I am on purpose.

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