Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Selfish Respect Tuesday!!

Last week I got an excellent suggestion!  It was suggested that I make my Selfish Respect post a permanent Linky Party!  I have to admit, the thought had not even crossed my mind when I wrote it, but I l-o-v-e the idea!  I know my blog is what falls behind when I get really busy, but I am working on scheduling my time better, so I have blog time on the calendar. :)

The past couple weeks I have made sure to take time to take care of myself.    The Herbalife products I am on have made my hair and nails grow SO fast!  My hair has grown 4 inches since April, (which for me is ridiculously fast...), and my nails are practically as hard as acrylics.  So, I make sure to keep my nails buffed and polished.  Today they are hot pink - 80's Jane Fonda exercise video hot pink!  I have also been working on my Personal Development every day.  I truly love my time to myself, when no one interrupts me or gives me their opinion.  I have a new book that I am reading and I am so fascinated by it!  Here is a quote from what I read last night:

"Human beings... have been given the dignity of choice.  They can choose to be all, or they can choose to be less.  Why not stretch up to the full measure of the challenge and see all you can do?" - Twelve Pillars, Jim Rohn & Chris Widener


  1. Absolutely!! Life is so much more exciting when you strive to be 1% better every day!