Thursday, August 5, 2010

Selfish Respect

One of the things I do as a Personal Wellness Coach is work on myself through personal development.  As I've done this, I've become more aware of myself, my surroundings, and the people I interact with.  Every single choice we make has a consequence.  A couple weeks ago I had this conversation with someone and I was told I live my life in fear because there are certain things I won't do.  I have to disagree.  It isn't that I live in fear, it's that I do think about the consequences.  The other person said it's better to have the fun now and deal with the consequence later.  I've thought about this conversation a lot the last couple weeks and here is what I have to say: hospitals, cemeteries, and jails are full of people who 'had fun now' and dealt with the consequences later.  We get to make the decision, but do not get to choose the consequence.

This isn't meant to be a 'doomsday' post.  Inside of my thoughts on the conversation, I realized decisions and consequences have a lot to do with respect: respect for self, others, the earth, the universe.  Because our decisions directly affect everything around us, we have to respect everything around us to truly be in harmony.  This process starts with self and is tied to just how 'selfish' we are with our own health, thoughts, actions, etc.  Before I starting using Herbalife's products, I was selfish in the wrong direction. I blamed others for my decisions and situations.  When I started to get healthy again, it became easier to take responsibility for myself and my decisions.  Now, I am very selfish with my health.  I take care of myself first.

The challenge this weekend is to take time for yourself.  Pamper yourself, sleep in, make yourself a healthy and balanced meal; whatever you need to truly feel good!  My commitment to all of you this weekend is that I will also put myself first, but then I will share that with others.  I will document the weekend and share, and I encourage everyone to do the same!  I want to see pictures!  Link up to this post when you do so we can all inspire others to do the same!

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